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Pics or It Didn't Happen: Woody & I Rappelled Down 10 Stories

Woody and I got to participate in something really cool yesterday. We rappelled 10 stories down the Embassy Suites in Uptown for Over The Edge in support of the NASCAR Foundation.

I went into this like I do everything: impulsively and with vast hubris.

I didn't get nervous at all until they were like "ok just put your feet right on the ledge" and then I was like "oh wait, yeah, I like living and this could very much change my current life situation if it goes wrong."

Luckily, it didn't. And here's pics and a video taken by Woody to prove it.

I was the only one awesome enough to decide to wear a cape. So obviously I had to do a superhero landing pose.

Two idiots ready to make stupid decisions.

Getting hooked up and backing up towards the ledge. The laughter is 100% nervous.

"Now just sit back and put your arms out for us!" THIS IS FINE.TOTALLY FINE. EVERYTHING'S FINE.

Look at that cape triumphantly billowing in the wind! I'm like the world's most anxious superhero.

You'll notice Woody was beating me down. Well it turns out, since I was in a size zero harness, I basically had to actively pull myself down the rope and make sure it was being fed through the whole time. Cuz there wasn't enough gravity on my body. Because I am small and pathetic.

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