Nokia Flip Phones are Back and They Have 4G and Apps

Picture this: your old flip phone, but with the apps you use today, and 4G.

What a dream...

PSYCH it's reality. Nokia has brought the flip phone back and, frankly, Apple should be afraid. Very afraid. There are poor millennials out here (me) that are craving that mix of nostalgia, bargain, and practicality.

According to this CNBC article:

The company is hoping to take advantage of the trend of consumers holding off from buying new phones, as people are put off by the huge price tags that accompany them.
HMD CEO Florian Seiche said the firm will look to roll out next-generation 5G mobile networks on “midmarket” phones by 2020, and is making its hardware “futureproof” to get there as soon as possible.
“Software innovation is becoming more and more important,” Seiche told CNBC. “People want to hold onto their phones longer, but they should benefit from the innovation.”
The Nokia 2720 goes on sale later this month at a price of 89 euros ($98).

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