Charlotte Home Sold Without Owner's Knowlege

An Atlanta man received a phone call from his neighbors that his summer home in Charlotte, NC appeared to have visitors. It turns out, someone had gone to the court and forged his signature in order to sell his house without his permission. The kicker? The $300,000 home was sold for a mere $9,000.

The suspects broke into the house after forging his name on a quit-claim deed which Rupani shared with NBC Charlotte.
"I never signed those things; that's not my signature,” Rupani told NBC Charlotte.
The deed showed the new owner as Black Raven Irrevocable Trust. Rupani said, initially, it even caused confusion for police.
"They say, 'You no more owner; it's Black Raven Trust Company. They are owner.' I said, 'No sir, I am owner,'" Rupani said.

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