I Got Engaged In Italy!


Day 2 of our vacation to Italy, my Man-friend & I decide to embark on the obligatory gondola ride. It's the beginning of a beautiful evening in Venice with the sun setting when we meet Alessandro, our Gondolier. 

We take off from St. Mark's Square, pass under the Bridge of Sighs where we kiss & make a wish. Unlike earlier that day, the canals are completely quiet. All you can hear is the paddle gently pushing its way through the water. Then, like something out of a movie, Alessandro starts singing and I think this moment cannot be any more perfect. Matt (yes, my Man-friend has a name!) leans in to kiss me & in what felt like a flash, I open my eyes and he was down on one knee asking me to spend the rest of my life with him. After what seemed like eternity because I was in complete shock, I said, YES!

I'm still on Cloud 9 & since you've been right beside me since we started dating, I wanted to tell you myself how the most special moment of my life happened!

I also want to thank Ori & Steve at Diamonds Direct in Short Pump. Matt said the whole process, from looking a loose diamonds to rings to actually buying the ring, was completely stress free. My ring is BEAUTIFUL! 

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