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Dave Grohl Comment Turns Local Radio Listener Sour

"Maybe I heard her reading his statement maybe I heard her say she thought he was a big jerk." 

A Dave Grohl comment turns one listener angry & leads to accusations of insulting President Donald Trump.

Below you can read the whole conversation between the radio station and the listener. Legally, when a complaint like this is filed, my boss has to investigate all the audio that could be involved.

Even after the audio (LISTEN BELOW) was provided, the listener continues to be unsatisfied with the topic about Dave Grohl & President Donald Trump.

As we see it, our artists ARE our music & it is as important to share stories about those artists as it is to share stories about the music.

Where do you stand on this?

You can listen to the audio where I quote the Dave Grohl story below:

Tamo's "Massive Jerk" Comment

Below is a photo of one my favorite moments in life! Meeting Foo Fighters' star, Dave Grohl!

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