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Forbes Ranks Highest Paid Athletes For 2018

Looking over this list has got me salty about the ice sandwich I'll be having for dinner. Also, no women made the Top 10.

I'm not sure why I even click on these "highest paid actors/celebs/models/athletes" lists anymore. It just leads to a downward spiral of Googling "How to make a million dollars before I die" & "Where did I go wrong in life."

But since I'm a sucker & always click on them, I figured you might be a sucker too...so here:


1.  Floyd Mayweather, $285 million, Boxing

2.  Lionel Messi, $111 million, Soccer

3.  Cristiano Ronaldo, $108 million, Soccer

4.  Conor McGregor, $99 million, MMA 

5.  Neymar, $90 million, Soccer

6.  LeBron James, $85.5 million, Basketball

7.  Roger Federer, $77.2 million, Tennis

8.  Stephen Curry, $76.9 million, Basketball

9.  Matt Ryan, $67.3 million, Football

10.  Matthew Stafford, $59.5 million, Football

While Floyd got LeBron lookin' like he uses water in his cereal, I'm a little pissed that no women made the top 10. 


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