Chipotle Testing Out New Menu Items

First, KFC announce chicken & waffles. Now, Chipotle is testing out new menu items like WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG?!

We need to get jobs working at a fast food/casual company headquarters, because I have a feeling someone is getting paid a lot of money to make some no-brainer decisions! 

Like c'mon! You don't get a treat, KFC, for hopping on the chicken & waffles wagon. You are the masters of....wait for it...FRIED CHICKEN!!! It's more like...what took ya so damn long?!

Now, we got Chipotle testing out nachos & quesadillas?! Bruh, you don't get props for that (unless it comes with a queso reboot because nobody is having that cheese product y'all are pushin right now).

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