This Fat-Shaming Shirt Has Been Pulled From Revolve's Website

While the designer's intentions were to share the reality and cruelty of being fat-shamed, the internet agrees they've missed the mark and that modeling the shirt on a skinny model just adds to the insult.

See Florence Given's Instagram post below. She says, "ITS BEEN CANCELLED! Yesterday I posted a screenshot of this jumper calling out @revolve - within minutes the brand was in contact with me and the listings were taken off the site - a few hours later it’s all over the news and @lpa decided to pull the distasteful collection COMPLETELY...We did this!!!However, the fashion world still has a problem with fat bodies. There is still an eating disorder inducing narrative that is being filtered through our every day lives in advertising that says you CANNOT be happy the way you are, because there are industries that rely on your self doubting COIN! Speaking of which, Insatiable just got picked up for Season 2 despite it being rated the worst Netflix original series ever...what does that tell you about Netflix? I am done"