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This Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe Calls For A Mountain Dew Brine

Oh you thought a Thanksgiving turkey crusted in Flamin' Hot Cheetos sounded like a bad idea? Then you clearly haven't seen this recipe that calls for a brine in Mountain Dew

The worst part about this recipe is that it comes recommended by a household brand, Reynolds. I'm so mad I'll be wrapping my leftovers in paper towels just to ban their aluminum foil. lol, jk

From the Reynolds' site, here are the instructions for the brine:


If you can't get enough creative Thanksgiving turkey recipes, you're in the right place! This unique turkey recipe features Mountain Dew®!

For the Mountain Dew® Brine:

  • In a large brining vessel, mix equal parts citrus soda and water. For every liter of liquid added, add ¼ cup of kosher salt.
  • Completely immerse turkey in brine and allow to sit overnight.

CREDIT: http://reynoldskitchens.com/tips/mountain-dew-turkey/

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