Experts Figured Out The Worst Text To Send After A Fight With Your Spouse

Whether we like it or not, texting is a part of how many of us communicate in our relationships, which can be dangerous since we can't see facial expressions or hear tone. That said, experts have figured out the one text you should never send your significant other after a fight

"I'm done."

According to this article from Elite Daily:

Richardson says that the worst text to send to your partner after a fight is "'I'm done!' or ignoring your significant other altogether." According to Richardson, something as short and cutting as "I'm done" can be dismissive and hurtful after an argument. When you're texting in the heat of the moment, your frustration can get the best of you and can hinder positive conflict resolution from happening.

CLICK HERE to read this article from Elite Daily on the why texting "I'm done," after a fight can be detrimental to your relationship.

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