There's a Costco Membership for Rich People That Includes a Private Jet

There's a Costco membership for the (super) rich that will cost you $18K a year, but includes access to a private jet. Worth it?

While us peasants wait in lines that wrap around the building just so we can buy a lifetime supply of maxi pads, there is a membership that will allow you to arrive via private jet.

It's called the "Wheels Up Core Private Aviation" membership and will run you right around $18,000/year.

According to delish:

By buying the membership via Costco you'll also get a ton of other perks including a $3,500 Costco Shop Card, as well as a $4,000 flight credit and a one-year Inspirato Membership, so you can take all the luxury vacations that you want.

Source: delish

Below you can take a look at an example of the private jet this exclusive membership will get you!

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