New Restaurant Features Discontinued Taco Bell Menu Items

2020 has been brutal, but there's a silver lining: someone thought up the brilliant idea of opening a pop-up restaurant that will feature discontinued Taco Bell menu items.

According to Eater:

Taco Fuego’s menu, concocted by Cavalier co-owners Rachelle Fox and Chadwick Leger, will include several dishes that Taco Bell has decided to get rid off over the past two years. There’s the Latin pizza (their take on Taco Bell’s Mexican pizza), double-layer tacos (Taco Bell’s double-decker taco), the multi-layer burrito (Taco Bell’s 7-layer burrito), and cheesy fuego potatoes (the cheesy fiesta potatoes, since Taco Bell nixed all of its potato items over the summer). Cinnamon twists will be available as an add-on during pickups.

Granted, the pop-up is in Austin, TX BUT you know that all it takes is one person to act on a great idea and others will follow suit. So c'mon DMV! Let's bring back the Mexican pizza, double deckers, and grilled steak tacos!


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