The Super Bowl Streaker Made $374K By Betting On Himself

He waged $50K in a prop bet that someone would streak at the Super Bowl. He took matters into his own hands & pocketed $374K

TMZ reports:

Yuri Andrade-- the man who broke onto the field while wearing a pink thong bathing suit -- says he came up with the idea for the stunt after seeing a prop bet that offered GREAT ODDS if someone actually ran onto the field during the SB55.
....saying the gambling website Bovada offered +750 odds ($100 bet pays $750) so he decided to take matters into his own hands.
The 31-year-old says he also sent someone to Vegas to make the prop bet at a sportsbook there -- but he didn't identify which book took the action.
Bottom line ... Andrade says he walked away with $375,000 in profit!!


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