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Here's What Actually Happens to the Used Bars of Soap Left in Hotels

With about 5 million hotel rooms in just the Unites States, the bar of soap is the most used amenity in the entire room. Thanks to one man, these used bars of soap now get an incredible second chance at life

A man who goes by the name, Shawn Seipler, had an ah-ha moment after he learned all this. He decided to widdle down the used bars of soap, melt them and form new bars of soap to give to children who don't have access to basic hygiene.

According to The Hustle:

Seipler launched Clean the World and set out on a mission of getting those millions of bars of wasted soap to children in need.

The Hustle tweeted:

Every day, hotel guests leave behind millions of half-used bars of soap.

14 years ago, one man wondered what happens to it.

The answer led him down a path that has since saved tens of thousands of lives around the world. https://t.co/CoGmVQ3ETw

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