A-HA! - I knew it all along....

I've been telling people for years....that $h!+ will kill you.

Everyone kept telling me..."you eat too much meat" - "be careful"  yadda, yadda yadda.

Southern Comfort and cheeseburgers had been the staple that's kept this lad going for years....

Yeah.  I may have needed heart surgery a few years ago - and yes, my cardiologist can basically retire just from my account alone - but as far as I can tell there's never been a recall on Southern Comfort.

Lettuce has been recalled and the SDC is telling people "....do not eat" .  Seriously?  How in the world do you f up lettuce?   Well, I don't know how they did, but it's happened.  As of today:  Lettuce is not good for you!  So stay off my back and light the grill.

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