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Original "Filthy Fifteen" - not for radio play....

Seems like a dream now it was so long ago.....  

It was 1985 when "Tipper" Gore strolled into her daughter's room and heard "Darling Nikki" blasting from the speakers.   I don't blame her daughter...I did the same thing. Problem was....her daughter, Karenna, was 11 at the time.

I won't post the lyrics here - but if you want to find them you can search the internet, thanks to Al Gore - wait, what?  Nevermind.

Anyway - Tipper thought for certain her child's life would be ruined if she didn't do something quickly.   

Along with a couple of other ladies she founded the Parental Music Resource Center who published the original "Filthy Fifteen" - a list of songs they deemed to dirty to be heard by minors....

This was the genisis (no, not the band - their music is fine for all ages) for the "Parental Advisory" stickers on albums and CDs -  which actually turned into a great asset for me because I no longer had to guess if the songs on the CD I was purchasing actually had the 'real' music or the cleaned up version.  Thanks Tipper. 

In any event - here's the list of the original Filthy 15

1 Prince"Darling Nikki" 

2  Sheena Easton"Sugar Walls"

3  Judas Priest"Eat Me Alive"

4 Vanity"Strap On 'Robbie Baby'"

5  Mötley Crüe"Bastard" 

6 AC/DC "Let Me Put My Love Into You"Sex

7  Twisted Sister "We're Not Gonna Take It"

8  Madonna"Dress You Up"

9  W.A.S.P."Animal (Fuck Like a Beast)"

10 Def Leppard"High 'n' Dry (Saturday Night)"

11 Mercyful Fate"Into the Coven"

12 Black Sabbath"Trashed"

13 Mary Jane Girls"In My House"

14 Venom"Possessed"

15 Cyndi Lauper"She Bop"

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