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Grilling: The 80/20 rule

THIS is "Memorial Day Weekend" and the official start of summer.  I don't care what your calendar says.  Summer begins on Memorial Day and ENDS on Labor Day.  We'll opine on that in another blog.

While you may have used your grill several times since last summer.  THIS is the weekend where you "officially" get things going.

This is NOT the time to experiment with something new or trendy.

It is BURGERS on the grill.  P E R I O D

And when I say burgers, I mean just regular plain ole 80/20 ground chuck.

None of this low fat wagyu or Kobe crap.   

And yes, I want cheese.  AMERICAN cheese for cryin' out loud it's MEMORIAL DAY.   Lettuce, tomato and onion.

Don't make this too complicated.   Go to the market - grab some 80/20 chuck and have at it.

Oh, while you are making the patties - there is NO need to put them in a burger press.  The looser the packing...the better the flavor.    

Each burger should be over 1/4 pound -  make a thumb print in the middle - place on a burning hot grill and let good for 3 minutes.  Flip...wait three minutes...add cheese - melt and then eat.

Need more tips?  just email me:

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