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Hey Wiz....your house is melting.

His name is Frank.   We've all had friends just like him.  Big, lovable kind of guy.  Quiet - sort of a gentle giant.   He wouldn't hurt a fly.  There was also never a chance that he would attend Duke.  Well, not as a student.   He also had that "Bill and Ted" kinda of way of talking....   Got the picture?  Good.

It was the summer of '96 -  my second summer on the END.  Memorial Day weekend.  

We had our usually 20 to 30 people invited over for a cookout. (not a bbq, a cookout) -  Folks would normally start to arrive shortly after noon and leave by 11 or so.   Except for Frank.  

Frank's hours were 10AM until the alcohol was gone, and most of the time he never actually really left physically.   He always checked out mentally about 7PM. though.

Anyway it was late in the day.  My grill had been on most of the day -  I was having conversations with some friends.  Frank, who didn't want to be rude - waited his turn and finally, very casually said "hey Wiz - you're house is melting" -  that was it.  He said his piece turned and walked away.

We laughed, knowing that Frank was probably having one of his "flashback" moments. 

After about, 10 minutes -  Frank returned, waited his turn and said, calmly "Wiz - you're house is melting" (in that Keanu Reeves voice)  -  "uh, ok, thanks Frank,  do you need a beer man?"  We dismissed him again.

Well you know where this is heading....

The final time - he came over and sounded just a tad more excited.  "Hey,  HEY, wiz - no really maaaaaaan - you're house is  f'n melting dude"

Couple lessons here.....

Don't place your grill too close to a vinyl sided home.

If YOU know a "Frank" - you may want to listen to him....

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