My Fantasies weren't always about Football.....

I only started playing "fantasy" football about 3 years ago.  I totally suck at it too.  It makes no sense at least not from a "Fans" point of view.

Those of you who know me - know that I've always been a Cowboy fan.  Yes, I had Jets season tickets - but I a Cowboy fan none-the-less.   

So yesterday - I am destroying my opponent.  By the end of the 4:00 games the computer is telling me I've got a 97 % chance of winning.  The only way I lose is if his one guy left to play scores 36 or more points.  

Problem is...his one guy is Zeke Elliott.  Dallas running back.  I want to route for the 'Boys to score, and score a lot...but I'm secretly hoping that Elliott drops the ball on the one yard line so someone else can score. 

I'm rooting against myself -  Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

I'm still not sure how a player scores fantasy points but - Zeke scored 36.5  - yes.   I lost.

When I was younger, I'd fantasize about being a Cowboy.  No, not a Dallas Cowboy - I real cowboy.  Like with a horse...and a pistol.   Oh, yeah and a Cowgirl.  

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