When to book your Christmas travel - it's not too late

There is still time to get good prices on holiday flights in December - but you have to book now.  See the CNN article below:

Christmas and New Year's

Generally, Christmas and New Year's function much like Thanksgiving: High demand, high prices. Again, off-peak flying is your friend.

Kayak says people can also benefit by booking Christmas travel in September. The website says you should definitely book travel around Christmastime before November 25, which is when prices start to steadily climb.

However, Skyscanner has good news for people who procrastinate. You might pick up a bargain if you wait until the week of December 19-25 to buy your flight. It's a roll of the dice and you're not likely to have a pick of seats, but it's an option.

Cheapair.com can also provide you with trending airfares to keep you abreast of the latest changes.

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