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Wizard's NFL predictions - Week 11

Last week was our first week and we WON six games including picking the huge Browns upset over the Falcons.  

Thats' the good news.... bad news is we lost seven.  So, we make up for it this week.   These games are locks.   

Cowboys at Atlanta:   Both teams stink this year.  Cowboys overachieved in Philly and the Birds underachieved in Cleveland.  That's not a typo.  The Browns won -  This week Matty Ice prevails.

Cincy at Baltimore -  Who cares.  Take the home team.  Ravens fly high

Panthers at Lions -  Panthers are on a mission now.  It won't be easy, but it will be fun.  Panthers.

Tennessee at Indy -  I had Eric Ebron on my fantasy team and didn't start him.  He scored 3 touchdowns in the first half.  I lost by 2 points.  What an a-hole. (me);   Titans have nicer uniforms.  I'll take them on the road.

Tampa Bay at New York (Jersey) Giants -  Giants are terrible, but don't sell Tampa short.  They pretty much suck too.   You gotta take the home team here right?  Right.  Giants.

Houston at Redskins -  Houston is clearly better.  But Washington has some sort of magic this year.  i like them at home.   As my uncle would say... gimme Warshington.

Steelers at Jaguars -   Jags are done.  If you watch this game on TV it may be tough for you to figure out who the home team is.  Pittsburgh fans LOVE heading to Florida - terrible towels come out strong.  Pitt.

Oak at Arizona -  This is one of those games where you hope none of these poor guys gets hurt before the holidays.  Both seasons are over.  Cards are home.

Broncos at Chargers -  This is the ChaJahs year.  LA

Philly at NO - and it will be NO for the Eagles.   Saints run it up.

Vikings at Bears -  This is the PERFECT game for a Sunday night before Thanksgiving.  It should be cold, but not too brutal.   Something good is going on in the windy city with this team.  I like da-Bears.

Chef at Rams -  The game was supposed to be in Mexico but the field was unplayable.  Do you really believe that?  I think sometin skwewwwy is going on here.....    Chef win on the Road.  

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