Winter Storm panic begins in 3.....2....

So - let's see a show of hands.  Who did NOT already stock up on bread and milk???

I've never actually understood that.   I guess, yeah I like a sandwich every now and then but never with a glass of milk.   I might have been in Sister Mary Jeanine's class back at St. James grammar school the last time I've actually had a sandwich with milk.    

I don't stock up on milk or bread.  First because I'm not a fan...and second - well I'm also pretty damn lazy and most of this stuff is gone by the time I get there.

Don't get me wrong.  I think you need to be prepared, I do.  I just have different priorities.

Soda, chips, pretzels, dip, frozen White Castles, Southern Comfort,  beer, wine and ..ummm - no that's pretty much it.

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