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NFL - WizPix for sunday's games

Tampa Bay at Baltimore -  there has been a sign of life in crab city.   Ravens

Arizona at Atlanta -   the Falcon is the more agressive bird.

Dallas at Indy -  Cowboys are on a roll.  Indy is fading.   Take the Colts.  "its a trap"

Miami at Minnesota -  yeah, I know it's indoors -but "baby it's cold outside" -  VIKINGS

Lions at Bills - didn't these teams play last week?  Bills

Green Bay at Chicago -  The Bears are for real.   Chicago 

Oakland at Cincinnati -  I think SinSin still has an outside shot for the playoffs.  Bengals

Redskins at Jaguars -  What a sad pathetic season for both teams.   Sanchez will be looking for a Jags Dog with mustard.   Jags finally get off the schnide.

Titans at Giants -  aren't these the same names?  Isnt a Titan a Giant?  huh?  who cares.  Giants at home

Seahawks at 49ers -   Seattle 

New England at Pittsburgh - I  think this may be the last time these two teams face each other with any relevance to their legacy.   Pats.

Eagles - Ram:   Rams have been exposed.  Philly doesn't mind the warm weather.  Eggles.

Saints at Panthers -  Panthers WILL win this one... take it to the bank

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