Rare skin disease could wipe out civilization....

The National Centre for Disease Reporting (NCDR) is tracking an outbreak of scavaimou coagluminous abramatic prumatineria (SCAp) a rare and incurable skin condition,

SCAp, according to health historians, was the singular cause death which wiped out human life on the island of Jaco centuries ago

This rare disease which was first transmitted by the Javan rusa, a deer native to the the Indonesian Islands, East Timor and Jaco Island - begins in the blood stream and is introduced to the epidermal layer through sweat.

There have been no reported cases of SCAp since 1743, that is until it surfaced this fall in the small town of XXXXXX, Ga (population ) this past August.

Although several cases have been reported in and around the XXXX area - doctors have neither confirmed nor denied further spread of the disease.  

Although the disease causes excessive itching, no patients have reported any pain.  After several days of itching patients skin begins disintegration and peeling until muscle and bones are revealed.  Shortly thereafter, without the protective layer of skin, infections set in and the patients are comforted with medication until they pass.

The SCAp outbreak unchecked could wipe-out North America within two to three hundred thousand years and  render global warming irrelevant.

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