Here are your winners....

If you've been following my picks all year - well then you probably aren't even reading this.  My picks have sucked.  If you used my picks for gambling you're probably held up in a dark room somewhere hiding from your bookie.

That being said - one has to figure that even a blind squirrel can find a nut or two... 

Here are your nuts.

Rams @ Saints;    Saints are almost unstoppable.  So was Alabama.   I thought CJ Anderson was retired. Apparently so did the Dallas Cowboys.   He's not - and the Rams aren't done.   Rams 28-24

Patriots @ Chiefs -  Great googily moogily.  My guess is 90% of the nation is routing for the Chefs. (yes I know).    It's at Arrowhead.    Pat Mahomes is phenominal -      Patriots will prevail, don't they always?  21-17

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