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Rams win - time for Hurricane drink & Gideon Suggests a new tattoo

Here we go.....

Nice punt and GREAT defense.  Rams go backwards 4th and forever, punting from the end zone.

Good punt by Rams but a chop block puts ball inside the 50 for Drew Brews is NOT good..  

Rams push them back and make them punt...great defense by LA.

Rams move right down the field and we are tied.  Great game.... 20 - 20. tie.

And a bomb to Ted Ginn....2 minute warning and the Saints are in business.

That Hurricane at O'Brien's is getting closer. 

Wow...not sure how it looked on TV...but #23 was about 5 seconds early on the hit.  NO FLAG.  WOW>

FG...Saints 23 - 20 and they leave the door open for the Rams.

And the Rams take advantage.   23 all...let's play some more.

Turnover....Rams over mid-field....what a game.....3 and 7 this could be it....

Rams Field goal 26 23 game over

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