No Football? 106.5 things to do in the 704 this weekend

For the first time since early August - there is NO FOOTBALL to watch.  Yes, there is the ProBowl but no one, I mean NO ONE watches that.

So.  Now what?   Seems to me that a lot of folks had the where-with-all to know this was coming and planned some very special events. 

In addition to the continuation of Restaurant Week -  and voting for your personal favorites for the 2019 Iheartradio music award winners....There are dozens of Arts & Science Council events happening all across the Queen City and Mecklenburg County. I'm guessing there are at least 106.5 very interesting things that will catch your eye.

Several media folks have taken the time to consolidate and publish a list of all the events.  Since I'm not as motivated or knowledgeable as the authors....I'll simply provide the links below and thank them for their efforts.  "thank you"

Now - get off the couch and let me have your spot.

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