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Happy Mother's Day

So yes - first and foremost "Happy Mothers Day" -

I can't imaging going through a pregnancy for nine months - all while anticipating what's be described as the most excruciating physical pain any woman will ever feel in her life. I hate the anticipation of going to the dentist - no way, thank you.

That being said - women are willing to go through all this because they are blessed with the opportunity of giving life to another human being - again, something in life that men will never have the opportunity to experience.

I loved my mom. Probably should have told her that more often. I also never appreciated her as much as I should have. You realize that too late in life. I know now that when we, as children, disappoint our mothers - or worse 'hurt them' - the pain the experience mentally far exceeds the physical pain they went through at childbirth. I can't go back - but I can offer some advise on how to treat your mom....

Ways to Show Mom You Care

One of the most appreciated, yet challenging, ways to let your mom know you care is to say so. Here are a few ways you can do it:

Say it when she does something for you.Moms do so much for us. When she helps you, make sure you show your appreciation by saying so. Do more than just say, "Thank you"—be specific.

Say, "I love you, Mom!"It's simple but effective, and she probably doesn't hear it often enough.

Tell her how helpful her advice has been.Moms give a lot of advice. Be sure to let her know when it helps you. You can also tell her about advice in the past that has helped you. She'll love hearing it.

Call and tell her in the middle of the day.Call your mother in the middle of the work day and surprise her by telling her how much she means to you. She'll love that you thought of her even in the middle of the day.

Visit her.If you don't live with your mom anymore, take some time to visit her. Make your time together a little extra special for her.

Listen.We all have busy lives. Take a little time and listen to your mother.

Write a lettter.Write your mom a letter and tell her how much you treasure her. It's something she can keep and re-read for years.

Write a list.If you're not so much into the letter idea, try writing a list of things you appreciate about your mom.

Write a poem.Express how much you care for your mom in a poem. You can print it on good paper and frame it for her if you like.

Print out your favorite quotes that make you think of her.There are many online resources to find quotes, or just think up your favorites. Print them up and give them to her.

Make her a card.Sure, you can buy a card and make it special, but there's something about one you make yourself. With all the free clipart available online, you can make it look great even if you can't draw worth anything.

Write a family history together.This one combines the gift of your time with writing, plus you'll end up with something the entire family may treasure.

Leave notes for her.Write little notes about all the things you appreciate about your mom and hide them around her house.

Take her to dinner.Make a reservation just for the two of you. And make sure it's special, whether it's a fancy restaurant, a picnic with a beautiful view, or someplace tied to special memories you both share.

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