Here comes the sun.... Wiz PGA V.3

The sun came out today - so did the stars.

It's still not optimal - but it's a point or two above "this sux" - Weather in the 60's today.

We're still watching most of the players wearing long sleeve shirts, but at least they've abandoned the knit caps. Phil is wearing shorts. I think he spray tans his legs.

There is also a LOT more players getting in some practice today. Rumor has it Justin Thomas has withdrawn due to a sore wrist.

I don't think that's a big deal. The Thomas, Speith magic has dramatically subsided. Tiger is back and that's basically all people here want to talk about. He's not shown up today - but everyone keeps looking for him. A LOT of people are predicting his second major victory of the year. I"m not buying it. I"m no expert but my money would be on Koepka.

The New Yorkers are, not in full throat but it's still just a practice round.

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