Who'll win the PGA? I already know..... Wiz@PGA V.4

The 101st PGA Championship is underway and the weather is much better .

"One-hundred and fifty-six [players] in the field, so you figure at least 80 of them I'm just going to beat," said Koepka. "From there, the other -- you figure about half of them won't play well from there, so you're down to about maybe 35. And then from 35, some of them just -- pressure is going to get to them. It only leaves you with a few more, and you've just got to beat those guys."

What gets me is the emotion he shown while saying this - or actually the lack of emotion. Not sure what he's taking to control his stress level -but sign me up.

Everyone is jumping on the Brooks bandwagon. A large contingency is predicting Tiger and another odds on favorite is Dustin Johnson.

My pick is Jon Rahm - He's grown up a LOT in the past year. When he first hit the scene he was a cocky hot-head. He's matured. Someone has gotten into his head and whoever that is - they deserve a bonus.

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