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Players choice for "best uniforms" in baseball....

Who better to ask about uniforms - than the guys who have to wear them.

Anthony Castrovince, a writer for MLB Com recently asked 85 current players what was their favorite uniform. They were NOT allowed to vote for their current team Here are the results:

#1 Tie; Los Angeles Dodgers and......the New York Yankees. (I think it was the tradition that won the hearts of the voters. As a Yankee fan - I agree. The Dodgers? YES, without a doubt. I love the Dodger blue, the lettering, the LA, and the red number. Pretty sweeeet

#3 Atlanta Braves: umm - I'm not getting why this was so high. sorry.

#4 Seattle Mariners: I've always like the colors for Seattle. Teal was very trendy and could go with basically any color. Heck look at Teal and Purple for the Hornets - who would have thought that, right?

#5 Tie: St. Louis Cardinals; Arizona Diamond Backs: I'm a huge fan of the Cardinals uniforms. To me, they deserve to be up there with LA and the Yankees. Real classics. Arizona? I'm ok with them being here. They're different - especially with the dark grey.

#7 Tie: San Francisco Giants; Pittsburgh Pirates: Colorado Rockies; Oakland Athletics. Again, I would probably have SF and Pitt above the Braves and Seattle. Classics uniforms. Rockies are nice... Oakland...remember when they had as many options as the Oregon Ducks? LOL They're ok.

Other favorites of mine that did not make the list - If you are giving points for class and tradition - how on earth can leave out the Boston Red Sox? Yes, I hate Boston - but I gotta give it up for the uniforms.

I'm also a fan of the Marlins uniforms - although they change every six weeks - or so it seems.

Original story by writer Anthony Castrovince,

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