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Thank you Charlotte -it was an honor.


I've been blessed to have been part of your lives each Sunday morning for over 24 years and nearly 70,000 songs. Being on the radio, with you, had been by dream since I can remember.

When I moved to Charlotte in 1995 I wasn't sure I would get the chance to be 'on air' - but after sending some tapes to ALL of the stations. Finally, I got a call from Jack Daniel. Quite honestly, I've not heard of the "END" until the call. However, while driving to my interview up Independence Blvd - I saw a huge billboard that said "Turn your head, now baby just spit me out" - Charlotte's New Rock Alternative. I immediately thought to myself....'holy shit' what have I got myself into.

I never dreamed the ride would last 24 years - that's unheard of. But it has and I'm truly humbled. I absolutely loved being here and being part of your lives. A lot of today's listeners were infants when the show first started.

The Weenie Roasts were terrific weren't they? So was the "Not-so-Accoustic Christmas" and the "Spring Carnival"

The folks I worked with at the END were some of the best people I've met in my life.

Special thanks to:

Jack Daniel, Kristen Honeycutt, Chris Rozak, Divakar, Kim Monroe Wilson,Krista "Charley" Karcher, John Hancock, Dawn, Wendy Wells, Nate Richie (RIP), Jack-at-Night, and DZL who were there from the start or early days.... Woody & Wilcox, Tamo, Palmer, Fletcher, Jeff Naper, Jon McDaniel, Bobbi Cantrell

Thanks to Creative Loafing (Charlotte) and Infinity's End for their support of the show.

To the Listeners....a sincere thank you. None of this would have been possible without you. And with a wave of the wand, the Wiz is gone - from the END.

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