That Pronunciation Was Not Even Close To Correct

We understand (as trained journalists that we are) how difficult it is to be a TV news anchor.  First you have to be pretty and you also have to be able to read off a device known as a teleprompter.  We aren't pretty and can barely read so we LOVE it when the TV news people screw up.  In this case it is the incredibly sad story of an officer who lost her life.  You'd figure that a major news story like this would be practiced, rehearsed, and known front to back BEFORE they went on the air.  NOPE!  On a Dec. 29  WPSD-TV's Brianna Clark reported on her funeral and ended up saying “Dee Dee Mega Doo doo.” The slight hesitation and glance suggests she’s realizing she doesn’t know how to pronounce “Mengedoht,” which, let's all be honest here, is not the easiest to pronounce. The first attempt is not even close though!  Check it out: