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05-17-2024 Edition of the Woody and Wilcox Show

Fun With Golf Audio 05-17-2024

Things that sound dirty when taken out of context from golf broadcasts.

Lindsay LiCausi-Back the Blue NC 05-17-2024

Lindsay LiCausi, founder of Back the Blue NC, discusses all the great things her organization does across the state.

05-16-2024 Edition of the Woody and Wilcox Show

Today on the Woody and Wilcox Show: New South Park special; Angie Harmon suing Instacart because the driver shot her dog; Canadian selling space debris to fund hockey rink; Crew trapped on Baltimore ship seven weeks after accident; Greg Olson takes a 70% pay cut; Dad sues his son over lottery winnings; BMI and body fat; McDonald’s is removing the smile for the Happy Meal boxes; Families outraged by underwhelming Bluey event; Disney piping in scents to the new Tiana ride; And so much more!

05-15-2024 Edition of the Woody and Wilcox Show

Today on the Woody and Wilcox Show: NFL schedule reveal will be televised tonight; Dolly Parton/Krispy Kreme collaboration; Court determines that a taco is a sandwich; Entertainment news: Only Murders in the Building, Roadhouse sequel, Golden Bachelorette; Woody Game Wednesday; Dogs howling to the Law and Order theme; Judge says driver has to write an apology letter to a cop or go to jail; Chelsea thinks it’s weird for the dentist to floss her teeth; And so much more!

Woody Game Wednesday 05-15-2024

I Know You’ll Get It Right- Who Is This Celebrity That Was Booted Off a Flight?

05-14-2024 Edition of the Woody and Wilcox Show

Today on the Woody and Wilcox Show: Matthew Lawrence talks about a Mrs. Doubtfire reboot; Happy birthday Mark Zuckerberg and Rob Gronkowski; Judge Judy is suing the National Enquirer; Minor league baseball news; Blood splatter in space; Red Lobster is closing restaurants across the country and auctioning off their contents; Animatronics at Chuck E. Cheese will be gone by the end of the year; Welch’s adult-friendly cocktails; Dog saves owner’s life by sneaking out of the house and getting help; Stripping show on FOX; Possible sriracha shortage this summer; Hydrated people are more likely to help other; And so much more!

05-13-2024 Edition of the Woody and Wilcox Show

Today on the Woody and Wilcox Show: Complaint about Woody’s podcast; Harvey Keitel’s birthday; Mya Rudolph on SNL; Mother’s day recap; Speaker mispronounces names at graduation; Mail truck pulled over for going 105 mph; Ozempic babies; Woman sentenced for putting bleach in her husband’s coffee; Cool Beans and Donny Osmond; And so much more!

The Woody And Wilcox Show For 5-10-24

Cool Beans has the day off so she can jet off to Vegas to hang with her man Justin TImberlake...so Woody is handling the podcast today. If things are screwed up, you know who to blame! We get a you a reason to take today off from work Fun With Golf Audio If you left your credit card at the restaurant, make sure to check social media and cancel that card! A woman in Kinston, NC learned this leasson the hard way. What was the restaurant thinking? You might be able to see the Northern Lights as far south as Alabama this weekend, and nerd Woody has the reason for it. A wild fox is going viral online after he pulls off one of the funniest videos we've seen on social media in a long time What are the most stolen cars in America? For the first time in YEARS it is not a full sized truck. We discuss what the cars are, and what you can do if you are driving one currently. An expert has rung in to tell us how to be more productive at work, and Wilcox is not having any of his BULL ESS! Renting a car is always an experience, and one man was charged almost $300 for NOT putting gas in his rental car. He complained that he shouldn't be charged since it was an ELECTRIC car. Hertz didn't care and dug in their heels. Then Chelsea reveals why they REFUSED to rent one car at the airport...have you ever refused the car for this reason? A woman lived in the sign on the roof of a grocery store for more than a year. We talk about how and why she did it.

Fun With Golf Audio For 5-10-24

We take the things that golf announcers say out of context...and man do they say some FUNNY things during professional golf. You don't have to like golf, it does help if you have the mind of a 13-year-old though!