This Is One Tough Dude Because That HAD To Hurt!

I'll be honest and say I've never heard of North Central College.  It is not like they get on Sports Center every night like some college basketball programs.  They did the other night though, and it was for a reason that they probably wish they hadn't been highlighted!  Sophomore guard Blaise Meredith chased down Augustana College’s Chrishawn Orange at full speed on a fast break during a recent game  Meredith jumped at the perfect time to block Orange’s layup. The problem was that he also jumped face-first into the backboard and bounced off it with a thud that made a sound like we have never heard in a basketball game!  Then he goes horizontal before falling to the ground.  The good news is Blaise is one tough man as in the video below you can see him getting to his feet.  He was checked out by the medical staff and actually returned to the game!