Kids Save Another Skier After A 25 Foot Drop Off Chair Lift

This is some quick thinking right here:An eight-year-old kid fell out of a ski lift at a ski resort in Vancouver, and was dangling from the side of it. He was already about 25 feet off the ground, and his dad couldn't pull him back up. But luckily, a group of five teenagers on the ground came up with a pretty clever idea. There was some orange boundary fencing nearby (you know, the kind you've probably seen skiers crash into in the Olympics). A kid named James MacDonald told his friends to go grab a section of it, while he and another kid grabbed some padding. They put the padding on top of the plastic fencing.Then they held it under the kid like one of those nets firefighters used to use when people jumped out of windows. One of the teenagers even had the idea to make the kid kick his skis off before he fell.And when he let go, they CAUGHT him. He was taken to the hospital as a precaution, but wasn't hurt.Now the company that owns the resort is giving the teenagers free season passes to say thanks. Check it out!