Two Fails On One Episode Of Wheel Of Fortune

We can never get enough of those embarrassing guesses on"Wheel of Fortune", which, thanks to the Internet, are preserved forever. And on Friday's episode, there were TWO!!!In the first one, a contestant said she was ready to solve the puzzle, and she should've been, since only TWO letters were missing. The category was "Fun & Games," and the board read: "DOING HEADSTANDS AND HANDSTANDS" without the letter "H." She knew the first part . . . "doing headstands" . . . but REALLY struggled with the other word, before ultimately guessing "Doing headstands and BANDstands," which makes no sense. Check it out:

Later in the same episode, there was a second FAIL by another contestant: This time the category was 'Same Name,' and the board read: "SESAME & _ALL STREET." So, you know, two different streets. The contestant had to guess a letter for that last spot, and chose a 'D' . . . meaning she thought the answer was "Sesame & DALL Street." (???)