The Full Conversation With Artist Abstract Dissent And Christina Bolling

If you missed our talk with local artist Shane Pierce who goes by @abstractdissent and @CristinaBolling from the @theobserver about Shane Pierce's amazing work. you owe it to your self to see his artwork online,a nd if you can see it in person. Christina Bolling did a great article on his work and how it has helped local school kids and more. We had to take our talk and edit it down so it would fit to a time slot on the air, but we wanted to share the whole thing because of how fascinating Shane's story is, where the ideas come from, how he learned his craft and more. Plus we also wanted to get inside information from Christina about coming up with the Charlotte Observer story on this incredibly talented local artist. You can read the whole story by click here

Artist Shane Pierce (Abstract Dissent) and Christina Bolling From The Charlotte Observer In Studio