We've Got A New Candidate For WORST First Pitch Ever

We have seen some pretty bad first pitches in Major League baseball, but this one before the White Sox game could be one of the worst ever, if not the top dog! This pitch doesn't even come CLOSE to the plate or even the professional catcher behind the plate! The Camera guy who's there to capture the moment for posterity takes the ball straight to the dome. We are lucky that it wasn't coming with some heat or we might have seen the first pitch to ever take out a camera guy! The good news is there are several angles to it, so we all can enjoy this over and over again. There are several bad first pitches, this might be the worst but it is NOT our favorite!

This one involving a camera guy and his taking the ball to the groin is our favorite!

Also 50 Cent throwing out the first pitch was pretty horrible, but at least he did not hit anyone!