The Spelling Bee Ends In An 8 Way Tie And That's Wrong

I'm sure you were like us last night...glued to your TV and watching ESPN for the latest coverage of the National Spelling Bee. Then when you got up this morning, and you saw there was not just a tie, but and 8 way tie, you thought, "that seems weird". We thought the same thing. Here's the deal. We get that every now and then there is going to be a tie in certain sports. But the National Spelling Bee should not be one of them! It's like the NHL or the NBA finals NEVER end in a tie. Neither does baseball (except that one time during the All Star Game and don't get us started on that). Look we DO NOT blame these kids. They are amazing. Look at the video and ask yourself if YOU could spell these words. We could not! But then again, we also hate the fact that there is no clear winner. That's just wrong. One of these kids is the best, and now we will never know which one.