More People Need To Be Like This 4 Year Old Boy!

This happened at the beginning of a flight and we could not be prouder of this little man. A dad filmed his four-year-old son calling out a woman who was sitting in the row behind them on a plane . . . because of her stinky feet. Her bare foot was up against his armrest so he poked his head through the opening and said, "Why do you have your feet behind me?" Chances are that you have gotten onto a flight and had a similar situation. In face, I bet we have all gotten onto flights and the unthinking, unfeeling, person behind us has did some questionable things with their feet. This 4 year old boy doesn't have the filter of an adult and we all need to be a little bit more like him! Until we all call out the people who do this sort of thing, it will continue! Thank you 4 year old boy for helping us change our world!