We LOVE It When The News Screws Up

We will admit that we are jealous of the TV news people. They look good. The get paid well. They're more famous than radio people. That's part of the reason we love it when the screw up and have news bloopers! The website News Be Funny posted some of the best news bloopers..It features an anchor saying, "we tried to reach out to the man who died in the pursuit" . . . and a reporter forgetting the name of a woman in a very inspirational story. There's also an eyewitness who's going to wait out a traffic jam like this:Quote, "I got a bag of pork rinds in the truck and I reckon I'm just gonna stay out here and eat my pork rinds, and I might take a nap for a while." Take a look and enjoy! (The "reaching out to the dead man" is at 0:29 . . . the reporter who can't remember the name is at 1:54 . . . and the pork rinds dude starts at 6:37.)