A Couple Of Foot Related Videos--One Awesome And One Gross!

A little earlier this week a video went viral of an airplane passenger choosing to use their feet on the tablet that has all the movies and things. People seem to lose their minds and their common sense once they get on an airplane, right? You can actually see them swiping through to decide what movie to watch. And if you're wondering, the person who posted the video on Twitter confirmed the foot swiper isn't disabled . . . like, they COULD use their hands, they're just choosing to use their feet. GROSS, but then there are videos like this one of a woman using just her feet and legs to cook breakfast. It says she's making a pancake, but it looks more like an awesome breakfast burrito if you asked us.

So while that woman can do tons of stuff that we do with our hands, this person decided to do this on an airplane. What is wrong with people? The world may never know!!