Bears Head Coach Matt Nagy Has Trouble With Take Me Out To The Ballgame

The Chicago cubs have a great tradition during the 7th inning stretch. For years the Cubs' play by play announcer Harry Caray would take the mike and sing tot he crowd at Cubbies games. When Harry passed, the Cubs continues the tradition with celebrities filling in. The Cubs recently asked head coach of the Chicago Bears, Matt Nagy, to come into the booth to sing Take Me Out To the Ballgame. We love it when this type of thing happens. Matt has a good voice, and really belts it out. The word that he seems to have a problem with is PEANUTS. We have watched and listened to this a bunch of times, and he is NO WHERE CLOSE to pronouncing peanuts correctly. Then again, maybe he thinks the lyrics include the word penis. The world may never know. Take a look for yourself!!!!