Dude Flips His Tiny Smart Car Attempting High Speed Turns

What is it about a fool and their money? This video personifies that quote. Pretty sure this is from England. Somebody posted video of a guy and a friend doing some crazy maneuvers in a Smart Car. Think about that because that's a challenge. Those cars are tiny, they have a high center of gravity, and the do not weigh much (unlike Woody).The good new is that these guys are in an empty parking lot, and are taking corners at high speeds.They actually do okay until they try to do a J-Turn. That's one of those cool movie/secret agent moves where you throw the car in reverse, try to whip it around and shift to drive to keep going...Well that's when they roll over a couple of times. Even though the car took a beating, they both climbed out . . . and according to the person who posted the clip, no one was hurt.