This Wave Pool Malfunction Is Awesome And Scary

We've all tried to beat the summer heat, ad get some relief from the hot weather at a water park, right? Ever been to the wave pool? It is usually an underwhelming experience as the tiny waves lap at the man made shore. Then there this in China. 44 people were hurt when a wave pool at a theme park in China malfunctioned and created a 10-foot tsunami. It rolled over the swimmers and sent them crashing into each other and onto the pavement next to the pool. No one was seriously injured, and the wave pool was shut down for inspection. It is a scary video tot watch, but the wave looks 100 times more fun than what they usually are. Wouldn't it be cool if they were like this ALL the time? People would know what to expect, so they wouldn't get hurt by it! Much better way to enjoy a water park!