Opening Game Jitters Or Is This A Very Bad Omen?

What a way to kick off a new season:The New York Rangers kicked things off at home last night, and it had an embarrassing start for one player. Swedish center Lias Andersson, who was the Rangers' #7 pick in the 2017 draft, came skating out during the pregame player introductions. But he tripped over a mic cord or some sort of cable, and WIPED OUT on the ice. Afterward, he Tweeted, quote, "Let's forget about this, and enjoy the win." Obviously, the Internet had fun with it: One person joked, quote, "Lias Andersson trips and skids onto the ice during his part of player intros.If you believe in omens, that ain't a good one, kids." And another said, quote, "Lias Anderson really is a flop, huh?" For what it's worth, every other player in the Rangers' opening night lineup successfully managed to avoid the wire.Although it was probably a little easier for the players who came AFTER Lias.