Celebrate The 18th Anniversary of The TV Show 24 The Right Way

18 years ago today the world as we knew it changed. 18 years ago today we got the new TV show called "24". The TV show "24" was one of the great series in American Television. It starred the awesome Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer who himself is now woven into American culture. Well the show was a unique concept covering one hour in the life of Jack Bauer. That and the writers REALLY loved to use the phrase, DAMMIT. I mean a lot. Way more than you'd think. Here is a super cut of all the times the word DAMMIT was used in the 8 seasons 24 aired. It lasts a little over 5 minutes. There was even a drinking game associated with 24 and the word dammit. More info on that here