Is Julianne Hough Having An Exorcism Or An Orgasm?

When we think of odd body treatments and alternative health practices, we think of one person. Gwenyth Paltrow. Because lets face it...Gwyneth Paltrow is into some weird wellness stuff, but JULIANNE HOUGH put her to shame recently in in Davos, Switzerland. She was at the World Economic Forum to help a doctor named John Amaral demonstrate some weird, holistic energy-releasing voodoo thing he does. This is video of Julianne undergoing this "treatment". It went viral last week, and after watching it, here's how we think it works: You lay face-down on a table and this guy runs his hands around your body . . . then he yanks an invisible pull string in your butt . . . And you convulse and make noises like you're either having the most mind-blowing orgasm, or you're having the grip of Satan himself ripped from around your spine. It's supposed to be about allowing the energy that's been bound up in your muscles to dissipate and reorganize around your body or something like that. And whatever it did, it made Julianne feel, quote, "more liberated on the inside." Check out a small clip here: