This Woman Sinks A 94 foot Putt For A New Car

We have all been at sporting events where they have a little competition during halftime for someone to win a huge prize. They can be fun to watch, but the problem is they make it SO difficult to actually win, most people do not pay much attention. That's sort of what was happening as this woman went to a college basketball game. She could win a new car, and all she needs to do is sink a putt. But this is no ordinary putt. This is a putt the length of the court. We are talking a 94 foot putt. you can tell from the audio that most people thought she had no chance...then the roar that happens when she makes it is crazy Take a look:

It was crazy weekend for winners of contests at college basketball games as this guy nailed a FULL COURT shot at the Montana State game...he scored $11,111